In La Transicionera we work to achieve a socioeconomical transition that facilitates the putting into practice of more just social and environmental models for individuals, groups, communities, entities, companies and institutions.

We understand that there are cultural, social and economical changes which necessarily need to be addressed with an integral, open and complementary vision, and based on self-organised and nonviolent proposals nurtured by ideas such as degrowth, the Buen Vivir or ecofeminism, among others.

Based on this premise we develop consultancies, education and training, projects and actions which contribute to the transition towards more just and sustainable societies.

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29/05/2019 - 23:55

In recent weeks we have seen how the student movement and other social groups have put on the front line of the media, political and social agenda the climate emergency in which we are immersed, calling strongly on institutions to take firm measures against climate change. To better understand this new movement, the logics on which it is based and its main proposals, we spoke with Andrea(s) Speck, one of the promoters of the movement at the European level and a long-standing activist in the area of civil disobedience and non-violence.

La fuerza del torbellino - Mario Chaparro Rubio
21/02/2019 - 23:55

We have little time left to achieve a fundamental change in the policy of our states to halt and limit climate change.

Hacia la huelga feminista
11/02/2019 - 22:03

Being an eco-feminist is a necessity for me. This idea that we are ecodependent and interdependent beings, that we need from Nature and from other people to live, to be happy and to build that other world with which I dream; it is the tool, the filter and the frame in which I want to continue feeling and being. For this reason, feminisms in general and the movement generated since 8 march 2018 in particular, are for me vital spaces essential to continue building my social and political activism.

Present projects

Energy is a common good and as such should be accessible to all people and not be a model of profit of a few. Likewise, we must be aware of the physical limits that the planet marks us and make, therefore, a responsible, efficient and fair use of these resources.

Love of the neighbourhood is what we feel for the place where we live. To recognise its potentials, the things we like and we would like to strengthen, and, at the same time, to propose the necessary changes and improvement, so that we can continue to be in love of our neighbourhood.

We have little time left to achieve a fundamental change in the policy of our States to halt and limit climate change.